Financial Literacy

The Financial Literacy Programme is one of the two expressions of the FutureFirst Initiative aimed at empowering secondary school students between the ages of 12 and 17years old in JSS 2 to SS2 to build fulfilling careers and be better equipped with the tools and knowledge for long-term financial independence

The Financial Literacy Programme has been designed to provide an experiential supplement to the business education of high school students in Nigeria and empower students with financial knowledge through training on running a business and the basics of money to promote a savings culture amongst them.

The Financial literacy program is also tied to our Employee Volunteering Scheme (EVS) where staff of FirstBank volunteer their time and employ their skills in providing financial literacy training to secondary school students and as with all our Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Programmes, our Financial Literacy programme has been designed with partnership in mind. Currently, we are partnering with Junior Achievement Nigeria to deliver this programme.

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